I like outdoor fun the most. Skiing, backpacking, trail running, road biking, probably in that order.

What I'm doing with my life:

Please forgive me;

trying to be organized.

Something short of officious.

4 action items

The first people things people notice about me:

Subconsciously, I suspect, that I am relatively asymmetric, but seriously, probably relatively rapid, I'd-like-to-say-feline but also goat-like movements, brash talk, talking with hands


Live: maximum funk possible. But anything danceable. My listening tastes are eclectic including an appreciation for that good country radio station I've heard several times near La Grande & Enterprise, Oregon.

KEXP positive vibrations saturday morning. KEXP preaching the blues sunday morning.

KCRW all the time. Used to be for the news. Now it's for the music.

Brian Jonestown Massacre. Quilt.

I blast Ray of Light right before leaving the house sometimes. I get down to Big Time Sensuality on a regular basis and I know all the words and I sometimes even sing along. After a fashion.

Ohh Laa Lah

..oh my:

Fade Out Lines (The Avener Rework) The Avener EP

Love "gin and juice", the gourds, shinebox.

Sirius XM station 46, BACKSPIN.


Otherwise on the road: if I pray, I pray to Jim Morrison.  If there is a being from a higher plane, who once walked among us, from whom I ask protection, it’s him.  “Take me home Jim.”  Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.  AC/DC is also good for staying awake.

THE GODFATHER. True Romance! 13 Days. Dave. Hudsucker Proxy. Lost Highway. Sneakers. Hackers. School of Rock. The graduate, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, easy rider. The conversation. Chinatown. Fletch, caddyshack, real genius. Innerspace! 2001. Army of darkness. Go.

I love going as Jesus for halloween. Imagine me doing this


The End of History and the Last Man. Fascinating, most scholarly work I have ever read. Actually I am not done yet.

While waiting on that I read Stephen King's "On Writing" in 1.5 days.

Generally I don't read much fiction at all, to my detriment. Dharma Bums is my favorite fiction.

Documentary/fly on the wall - The Great Shark Hunt. Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.

I am trying to fill out a bit so I eat cheesy eggs and oatmeal (cooked right, separate, hydrated flakes of oat) and nuts and fruit and hell of strong coffee for breakfast. I drink protein shakes and whatnot from proteinfactory.com. Bovine oglioglobulin concentrate. Cow blood protein. Mmmm.

Baklava. $7 for 6 pieces from Diamond Bakery in Fremont.

Andronicos. Adult. Brownie.

Things I couldn't do without:

Dental floss; chap stick; water-resistant, warm clothing... need three more things... sun, clean air, quiet.

This is a serious question. I very very very much enjoy coffee. I love it. I want to have, like, ten thousand of its babies. I believe I could do without it!!

And I don't understand the caveman finger and toenail issue but somehow they made do. No chapstick and dental floss -- I would have gone crazy. I suppose I could somehow fashion these things. Maybe I have to think about this one.

What I think about:







The doomed paradigm of the full employment economy

The difference between patience and stamina




I have been bathing in sound for the past 3-4 months. I have been working at home, avoiding work physically, but working maniacally, and listening to the stereo, listening to radio music programs for new music, looping individual songs otherwise to put me in a zone. Only a few particular ones -- L.A. Woman is great. With "Half Crazy" (Barr Brothers), an act of God, and good directions, you could walk to China.

What I'm really good at:


Stretching on BART without falling over.

Hiking up and down Half Dome relatively fast.

Solving the nonrelativistic schrodinger equation.

The most private things I’ll admit:

My urban bike skills have reached a very high level. If we could go tour together, ski or bike, or camp together or run together or whatever that would be sweet.  However I would also like you to help me buy a new couch. Actually, much more than that.

I am also interested in other activities. I sometimes enjoy drinking beer and complaining about politics (or plotting revolution). Saying shocking things that have a nugget of truth to them is another hobby of mine. I definitely enjoy live music especially the funky sort. I dance at the front of the room and get stupid. I enjoy skepticism and the invocation of arcane references, and can often be found laughing to myself at some sick joke or something I just noticed myself

ok here's something. "Call me maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen is a fucking awesome pop song in my opinion. Also really sweet and I could go on and on about the social theory of it or whatever the term is. This is a totally legit perspective for a woman in my opinion and not gender normative in any bad way or anything. The song is actually speaking against norms that the fairer gender often self impose for instance on... certain sites.

Although I am sophisticated with some aspects of computers, doing the following involved learning for me, and the entire effort all considered took, let's say, more than one or two minutes


... I also don't fundamentally understand how this works, how the section on the website disappears, how javascript is involved... it is not cookies... whatever, I do Fortran.

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